In this two-day workshop Mariko Paterson, will introduce all to her weird and wonderful world of handbuilding and surface decoration. Participants will delve into making platters alongside of her which we shall parlay into an exploration of surface techniques including Mariko’s take on Mishima. Tips on underglazing will be shared and practiced on these pieces as well as premade/bisqued pieces brought in by attendees. She’ll also open a Pandora Box of decals and whisper sweet nothings on how to design, apply and arrange them with the panache that only the most fashionable potter could ponder. China paints shall make an appearance too as they are a fantastic means of adding a little extra something-something to that piece that needs a little tweaking. In addition to the “Let’s Get Physical” part of the show, the workshop will be complimented by presentations of Mariko’s worldwide adventures in Clayland and witty technique-specific repartee.