In this full day workshop you will explore what is involved in HANDBUILDING a group of objects that work together to make a set such as a pitcher and cups, (think Sangria/Sake etc) or Condiment Sets( think oil & vinegar bottles, salt & pepper shakers, creamer & sugar sets) or any other grouping. It will be up to you to play around with the concept and choose what type of set you want.
Learn to make lids that fit, spouts that pour and vessels that are balanced visually and function well.

Chandler will show some fundamental handbuilding techniques to construct archetypal vessels for pouring, drinking and storing. From there, you will explore with her, design approaches that can be used to create an ensemble of products that clearly belong together. You will learn how to use form and surface treatment to create this connection.

The first part of the day will be a demonstration with discussion of related design and technical issues important in handbuilding generally, and how they predetermine how finishing and glazing are done.

There will be a short lunch break. Lunch will be provided.

In the afternoon, Chandler will assist the participants in the hands-on making of the vessels.

You will have the option to have your creations glazed & fired for you and ready to be picked up 2-4 weeks after the workshop although, some of you may prefer to complete the project yourselves.

This workshop is open for all levels of experience.

Chandler Swain has worked as a potter for over 30 years. She is very well known in our pottery community for her instrumental role in establishing the highly respected '260 Fingers' show. Chandler has a whimsical style that is featured in Robbin Hopper's book 'Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface' and in two of the wildly popular 500 series, Teapots and Vases.