In this two part workshop you will be introduced to two ancient art forms, pottery and ikebana. Ikebana is the Japanese art of plant and flower arrangements.

Combining pottery and ikebana is a marriage of the eternal with the ephemeral which can inspire a unique aesthetic.

Part 1 - Saturday October 17th, 2:00pm-6:00pm

Instructor: Sarah Fulford, owner of LOAM Clay Studio

This workshop is open to all experience levels including complete beginners in either pottery or ikebana.

In part one of this workshop you will make a hand-built stoneware vase. You will be shown methods for creating either shallow or deep form vessels using slab construction. The shape and colour of the vase you make will influence and inform the choice of arrangements in the second part of the workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop we will discuss design and form and you will be shown images of different shaped vases with floral arrangements to help you decide the sort of shape you want. You will than watch a demonstration of a few vases being made. During the demonstration we will discuss fundamental principles of hand-built construction so that you understand the possibilities and limitations of the clay. We will discuss how to avoid cracking and how to make seamless joins. Each workshop participant will then create their own unique vase based on the methods shown.

Before the end of the workshop, you will choose a glaze colour for your vase from our studio selection. Your vase will then be fired and glazed for you ready to be used two weeks later.

All materials will be provided.

Part 2 - Ikebana: Saturday October 31st 2pm-4pm

Instructor: Yumiko Tsunakawa Toma -Owner of Sakura Studio, Certified Teacher of Sogetsu School of Ikebana

In the second part of this workshop  you will receive your finished stoneware vases to use for an Ikebana arrangement. Some basic principles of flower arranging will be explained to understand how to achieve a pleasing balance using positive and negative space. You will be offered one on one  guidance based on the colour and form of your own vase, aiming for each arrangement to be stunning and unique.

At the end of the session you will go home with your finished work. Your vase and the principles you learn can be used over and over.

Flowers will be supplied.

In addition to your handmade stoneware vase,  please bring
• Ikebana scissors or garden scissors
• kenzan* (spiked flower holder), optional.
• your spirit of creation
*kenzan (spiked flower holder) will be available for you to purchase if you choose to.

About Yumiko:

Yumiko is one of the most active Ikebana teacher in the region.  She has been teaching over 160 classes per year at her Sakura Studio for more than 10 years since she came to Canada from Japan. She also has been creating ikebana arrangements for a great number of demonstrations in public spaces including the National Gallery of Canada,  The chamber at Centrepoint,  Library and Archives of Canada, Ottawa Main Library. She is also hired for weddings,  graduations, birthdays,  anniversaries and funerals. Her creations were on TV, newspapers and magazines, as far as a magazine in Ecuador. Some of her work was displayed in the Japanese pavilion in the Canadian Museum of History.