With all the uncertainty surrounding the unfolding Coronavirus situation, the LOAM Clay Studio team would like to share how we are addressing this with respect to studio operations and best practices for health and safety. 

Because our classes and workshops are small in size, we are continuing to run all offerings as scheduled. Open studio also remains open. We will continue to update and modify our best practices as needed in order to respond appropriately to this unprecedented situation. 


What We’re Doing

LOAM Clay Studio staff is stepping up our cleaning protocol. All common areas and surfaces that are frequently touched are being cleaned and disinfected by studio staff multiple times a day. We have placed soap dispensers at each sink for hand washing. Paper towels have replaced cloth towels in the washroom. Class tools are being disinfected prior to each class. 


What You Can Do To Help

Studio members and students can help to keep our LOAM clay community safe by: 

Washing hands thoroughly upon entering the studio. Before beginning class or open studio time, please soap up thoroughly at the sink. Hand washing with soap and water remains one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of germs. 


Disinfecting class tools after use. We have a bleach bucket and rinse bucket placed on the white table at the clay rinse station. All class tools will be disinfected prior to class; we ask students to ​deposit​ their cleaned tools in the bleach bucket at the end of each class. ​Our staff will take them out once they are disinfected.


Bringing a towel with you if you wish. Please remember to bring it home when you leave. 


Staying home if you feel unwell. If you are feeling sick, if you need to self-isolate or if you are returning from travel outside of Canada, stay home!  For the time being, we will credit you for the remainder of your class. Credit will be placed on a gift card that will be emailed to you and can be used on your next purchase at LOAM. 



The LOAM Team