Materials are included. In this workshop you will be introduced to the art of making your own silk screens. Silk screens can be used almost indefinitely and can be useful in a variety of different art forms including fibre arts, mixed media and pottery applications. The tools, tips and techniques learned in this workshop will be an invaluable addition to your current art practice. We begin this workshop with all the materials necessary to make your own frames and screens.
This hands-on workshop will walk you through every step so that you will leave the studio with 1 completed silk screen and several prints made from your screen and underglazes to use at a later date. We will test the screens on clay tiles provided by Loam.

*Due to the sensitive nature of photo-emulsion and the lack of a dark room, we will not be making photo emulsion screens in this workshop. Detailed instructions will be sent to the participants in June of how to prepare your images for this workshop.
Mixed Media artist, Christina Lovisa, has been recognized internationally for her ability to incorporate a variety of materials and techniques in both her 3-dimensional and wall art. Christina’s open, no secrets-kept, teaching approach has earned her a reputation of being an inspiring instructor. Her client accolades include Cirque du Soleil, The Michael Jackson estate and Northwood Publishing.