image transfers

Maximum number of participants: 15

This is a participatory slip decorating workshop on producing and using image transfers. During the workshop we will explore various ways of printing, using slips, to create transfers for applying highly detailed imagery to your leather hard clay work. We will freehand draw making Mono-prints, block print using rubber stamps, and also create a custom photo silkscreen to print images with. Images should be provided by you in advance of the workshop.

Example image:


We will discuss back painting with slips and under-glazes to add colour to your images, how to create depth in your surface using paper resists, and then apply what we have created to several leather hard pieces that you will bring to the studio for the workshop. There is a bit of preparation that you will need to do for this workshop which is outlined for you here.


Chris Snedden has been a potter for over 30 years in the London area, and has worked in almost every facet of the pottery business, from building electric kilns and teaching courses and workshops, to producing and distributing giftware for the international market. His work is shown at festivals and galleries across Ontario, and he has completed many notable commissions both public and private. Currently, Chris is Ceramics Professor at Lambton College in Sarnia, as well as for the London Potters Guild at the London Clay Art Centre. Chris is also serving as Director of Education and Programming for FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.