Creating and Maintaining a Relevant Web Presence for Artists

LOAM will have the pleasure to welcome Carole Epp to the studio for a Master Class like no other.

Want to effectively use the internet to drive your career in the arts? Then this workshop is for you! Carole will teach you how to map out and establish an online presence that is both efficient and effective for creatives. We’ll begin with the solid foundation of a portfolio based website that anyone can build and then expand to include a number of social media sites and how to maintain and optimize them. This workshop covers content development, context concerns and considerations, and how to focus your time and energy spent online. We'll also spend some time introducing fun apps that make branding and content creation fun and engaging. Course is open to artists with all levels of experiences.

Expect to come away with new insight into:

  Branding, website development, and design.
  Different social media platforms for creatives.
  Effective and efficient approaches to content development.
  How to set up a realistic plan for consistency.
  Easy to use Apps to solidify your branding across web platforms.
  Building your audience and community through active contribution.

Participants are encouraged to submit their current website and social media links prior to the workshop in order to receive specific feedback on their current practices. Existing website and social media links are however not a requirement.

Carole Epp – Artist, Curator, Researcher, Writer, Community Builder, Activist

Epp is a Canadian ceramic artist educated at the University of Regina and at the Australian National University. She is known for her two distinct bodies of work; one figurative based sculpture, alongside functional pottery. Both bodies of work, through different means thematically and conceptually address contemporary politics, craft production and its relationship to capitalist society. Known internationally through exhibitions of her work, she has also contributed to the critical writing of craft through numerous publications. Respected as a curator she has been involved with curating and organizing a number of ceramic and craft based exhibitions. She has traveled extensively to give talks, teach workshops and to engage with communities of craft practice internationally. In 2017 she received the Artist of the Year award from Ceramics Monthly in recognition of her years of advocating for the ceramic community through such projects as Musing About Mud (established in 2007): an online curatorial project and community resource on ceramic arts internationally. She is also recognized for her contributions to the promotion of Canadian Ceramics through co-founding the organization Make and Do Ceramics (established 2015); a collective of artists working towards unifying and amplifying the Canadian clay community to larger and diverse audiences internationally. Most notably Make and Do has created an online directory with the intention of providing a platform for artists, curators, galleries, collectors and educators to research contemporary Canadian ceramics. She is currently working on a publication about ceramics with Uppercase Magazine as part of their Encyclopedia of Inspiration series.