Japanese Tissue Transfers: Animals

The images & patterns depicted on these Japanese tissue paper transfers are mostly ancient traditional motifs. The transfers are suitable for firing temperatures  from 1100-1250 Celcius (cone 03-7).

The transfers can be applied on clay at any stage before the glaze firing. They work on soft clay, leather hard, bone dry or bisqueware. The results will very slightly. To apply the transfers, put the image face down on the clay then dab gently on the back of the tissue paper with a moist sponge or brush then gently peel off the paper. You will get a best results if you rub gently with the back of a spoon but do not rub vigorously or the delicate paper may tear. Before peeling off completely, peel a corner to peek and make sure the image is transferring clearly. The transfers work best on flat surface but can also be applied carefully on curves if cut into small pieces. Once the paper is removed and the image is dry it can then be painted over with slip or underglaze if you wish. A clear or translucent glaze is usually applied over the image at the bisque stage.