Orianna Yepes


Hi! I'm an artist in the making currently studying Interdisciplinary Arts at NSCAD University. I was first introduced to Loam when I was looking for a work placement in Spring of 2019 for the Co-op program offered at my school. I've loved pottery since I was first introduced to ceramics during art class in grade nine. I had a great time pugging recycled clay and interacting with potters of all skill levels so naturally I applied for a part-time position when given the chance. I joined the team last February before the lockdown, and was able to return to work at the end of this Summer. 

I love trying out new art mediums and my favourite subjects to portray tend to be animals, nature, surrealistic stuff, and cartoon-y self portraits.

If you would like to see some of my work (besides the frogs I keep drawing anytime I'm given the chance), you can find me on Instagram as @frogoreon_art

The Team