Equipment and Facilities

4 Electric Kilns: 2x Cone Art 10 Cu Ft BX 2827, Cone Art Shimpo 7 Cu Ft, Test kiln Cone Art BX 119D .57 Cu F
16 studio wheels & 2 staff wheels: Shimpo VL-whisper
1 Slab Roller: Bailey DRDII 30″ Gear
3 Handbuilding tables: 8′ x 4′ wooden surface
Wedging table: 3′ x 2′ plaster surface
Heavy duty industrial metal shelving for work storage: 3′x2′x8′
Glaze counter: 8′ x 3′ wooden surface
26 Studio Glazes

Storage Lockers
If you would like to leave your tools and clay in the studio, lockers can be rented for $10/month.