Featured Artist - Carolynne Pynn Trudeau

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

For the month of July 2021 we have invited Carolynne Pynn Trudeau who is a LOAM an instructor for a number of our 6 Week Classes!


Artist’s Statement

The pots in this collection are a largely a reflection my states of mind during this weird past year.

Returning from Korea at the beginning of the pandemic, I happily worked with the memories I carried of colour and light playing on dark hills and water. As things shut down, in a slight panic, I used up some of the antique materials I had on hand, coming up with drifts of colour.

Time wore on, and on, and I reacted to that hectic colour with a calm, subtle white on white. More time passed and looking for a little more control and crisp edges, I started to use automotive detailing tape as a resist.

When my husband and I started to see some of our children and grandchildren again, I wanted colour that was happy but somewhat restrained, and made happy pots using a green-brown glaze sponged onto tape resist.

Other than the few post-Korea lidded pots, this is a display of jugs and drinking vessels. I think we are all yearning to share a lemonade, iced coffee, or G&T in the warm weather.

We welcome you to visit our gallery to shop Carolynne's amazing work!