Featured Artist - Collin Jang

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

Collin Jang Miller is an instructor and studio member with LOAM. She occasionally pulls out her watercolor papers and paints; and is currently experimenting to attain similar effects in glazed pottery.

Artist’s Statement

I am fascinated with the diversity of the humble bowl and its power to enhance our daily lives.  Most of us have known bliss, carefully cradled in a bowl of childhood delights:  Mom’s soup, mac n’ cheese, chili, salad, popcorn, and ice cream — mmmm.  Nowadays, we might fill our special bowl with breakfast smoothies, ramen noodles, poke, congee, bulgogi, prawn laksa, tom ka, pho, and did I mention ice cream?  

Like building a Buddha bowl or burrito bowl, happiness with a rice bowl is deciding what to fill it with — curating a meal at the table, if you will — first feasting the eyes on the delectable offerings, and then choosing what to sample (and re-sample!) from the various communally-shared dishes.  Though sharing the same food, each of us at the table will have enjoyed a slightly different meal. Eating rice bit by bit and sharing food and stories with loved ones is the original Happy Meal. 

How will you fill your bowl?

Come by our gallery to see Collin's thoughtfully made work!