Featured Artist - Karen Kurtzrock

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

For the month of October 2022 we have invited Karen Kurtzrock who is a long time LOAM studio potter. 

Artist’s Statement

I attended a 3 year ceramic program in Montreal many years ago. I worked as a studio potter selling my work to stores and at craft shows. In 1984 I entered the University of Toronto occupational therapy program. I worked as an occupational therapist in Ontario and Nova Scotia, retiring in 2016.
Throughout my career as an OT I maintained a home based studio, attended numerous workshops and courses. I've sold my work at The New Art Festival, Art in the Garden and guild sales. Presently I am
a studio member at LOAM and teach at Gloucester Pottery School.

When I first was introduced to clay I never imagined it would become a life long passion. Pottery offers endless possibilities in terms of form and surface treatment. I am interested in the process of making, drawn to the tactile nature of the material. Notions of beauty are personal formed by cultural and societal trends. My work spans both traditional and whimsical more about the moment the gesture. I like to experiment whether it be with different forms, decorating techniques, clay bodies or glazes. Working through ideas in series and moving on to the next keeps me engaged. I believe in the beauty of handmade objects. They have a unique history and can evoke a moment, a connection. My intention
and hope is to create those moments and connect the user to the maker.

Come by our gallery to see Karen's unique work!