Featured Artist - Kathy Howlett

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

For the month of April 2023 we have invited Kathy Howlett.

Kathy Howlett is a Loam Studio potter. Kathy started pottery classes 5 years ago with friends for something creative to do together. What started as a casual outing, has become a passionate hobby.

She is often in the studio on weeknights or weekends. You can find some of her work, and lots of dog pictures, on her Instagram account @howlett.kathy 


I love working with clay. It appeals to both the artistic and the technical side of my brain.

I have done many artistic hobbies over the years but this is the one that has really stuck.

I enjoy experimenting with colours through the use of underglazes, slip, glazes, oxides and clay bodies. My work is mainly done on the wheel and then carved, embellished or decorated. Some pieces are bright and fun and others are more subdued and classic. I love trying out new forms and making everything a little bit different. My goal is to make beautiful pieces that people can use.

I enjoy working at the Loam studio. It is a place to create, learn, talk shop and spend time with friends.

Come by our gallery to see Kathy's colourful and beautifully crafted work!