Featured Artist - Krista Brosseau

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

Krista is an instructor and studio member with LOAM.  She discovered the wheel and the creativity of clay while living in Winnipeg in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since!  

You will often find her working late into the night at the studio or on weekends as well as on Instagram @potterybykb.  Krista is also a vendor at The Original Navan Market, a favourite outdoor market in the Ottawa area.

Artist's Statement:

After years of collecting other artists' ceramics, I was gifted a beginner pottery class and my addiction to creating my own pieces began.  

Pottery gives me so much more than a vessel to eat out of or serve with, it allows me the needed break from my busy full time job/full time family life.  

The creative process of raw clay to finished vessel is surprisingly soothing and I am constantly looking to challenge my skills with form, size and colour.


Come by our gallery to see Krista's colourful and beautifully made work!