Featured Artist - Kristen Ali

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

For the month of December 2021, our featured artist will be Kristen Ali, who is a LOAM studio potter and former instructor. Kristen began wheel classes in 2015 as an escape from her busy day job and has been obsessed with clay ever since. You can often find her in the studio on evenings and weekends, and @kristen.a.ceramics on Instagram.


Artist’s Statement: 

I enjoy the challenge of experimenting and combining various midrange porcelains and stoneware, creating small collections of contemporary functional pieces with clean and simple lines. In order to create fluid and unique forms, I often mix stains into stoneware and porcelain to add details and colour in the throwing, rather than in the glazing process. In addition to colour, I rely on luster highlighting to bring attention to details in my pieces, such as the transitions between different clay bodies. My goal is to create work that is at once both functional and elegant, offering the holder a momentary escape from the everyday, while still connecting my hands to theirs.

Come by our gallery to see Kristen's amazing work!