Collin Jang

I am fascinated with the diversity of the humble bowl and its power to enhance our daily lives.  Most of us have known bliss, carefully cradled in a bowl of childhood delights:  Mom’s soup, mac n’ cheese, chili, salad, popcorn, and ice cream — mmmm.  Nowadays, we might fill our special bowl with breakfast smoothies, ramen noodles, poke, congee, bulgogi, prawn laksa, tom ka, pho, and did I mention ice cream?  

Like building a Buddha bowl or burrito bowl, my glee with the rice bowl is deciding what to fill it with — curating a meal on the go, if you will — first feasting my eyes on the delectable offerings, and then choosing what to sample (and re-sample!) from the various communally-shared dishes.   Eating rice bit by bit and sharing food and stories with loved ones is the original Happy Meal.” 

How will you fill your bowl?

The Team