Glaze Application, Sunday February 6th, from 10am-noon with Sarah Fulford

This virtual demonstration workshop from Fogo Island is intended to introduce you to several approaches to effectively apply glaze to your pottery. Sarah will demonstrate several ways to glaze archetypal forms like a bowl, cup & plate to get reliable results. She will then explain how to glaze more complex shapes like a teapot or casserole.

Reasons for choosing different application methods will be discussed. These might include dipping, pouring, painting, spraying, layering, scraping and using wax resist. There will also be some discussion of a multitude of other variables that could affect your results including glaze composition, glaze thickness, clay thickness, form & curvature, surface texture, clay body and firing profile.

If time permits, you may show pottery pieces with glazes you admire or pieces you are disappointed with so that we can discuss how the results were obtained or what went wrong.