Late-Spring 2024 Handbuilding: Narrative Sgraffito (Apr-May)

Sgraffito is the art of cutting into a layer of colour applied over clay to create a design. This ancient technique can be applied as ornamentation to any pot. But when sgraffito is used as a form of illustration, a pottery piece can become a gorgeous storybook! 

Students will learn how to select and layout a design, handbuild their pieces, and of course, they will learn to carve their designs into the pots.

This course is best for potters who have taken at least one course in either handbuilding or wheel but it’s also excellent for more experienced potters who are looking to enhance their practice. Step by step guidance will make this process a breeze, even for people who swear they 'can't draw'!

Come challenge your imagination!

Please note that all materials and tools will be provided. 

We do not provide aprons so please bring one or dress in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. You may also want to bring a towel for your hands.

The class duration is 2.5 hour, clean up is included in this time. 

It is open for ages 15 and up.

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