WAITLIST: Mentored Intro to Independent Studio Practice

We're sorry the class was full. If you join the waitlist you will be notified by email if there is a cancellation. If we can't get you into the class this session, we will contact you first as soon as we post the next session of classes.

This is the description of the class that you are being waitlisted for;

This course provides a mentored transition to independent studio practice. Suitable for both intermediate wheel and handbuilding students who wish to build skills, refine techniques, and work through a chosen project under an instructor's guidance and expertise. 

To register for this class, throwers must have taken at least one intermediate wheel course or equivalent. Handbuilders should contact the studio to discuss their experience and choice of project prior to registering. Students are expected to come to class with a project in mind that they would like to work on for the duration of the session, such as working on a set (plates, mugs, bowls), throwing or handbuilding larger work, developing surface decoration, etc.
This class focuses on refining techniques and building technical proficiency while fostering a greater understanding of how to properly handle your work at each stage of making. Each student is provided with a one 10kg bag of clay and their own shelf space, and will be responsible for storing, wrapping, drying, and handling of their own work. Basic principles of firing will be discussed. We will provide guidance on choosing an appropriate clay body for your aesthetic preferences and projects aims. 

6 hours of studio time are included as part of this course, as it is expected that students will wish to come in during open studio hours to work on the techniques shown in class or to have more time to nicely finish their work.  You may use the studio at any time during our regular opening hours. All students must read our 'Open Studio Handbook' before working on the their own in the studio.
Your teacher will provide both group demos and one-on-one advice for individual student projects, addressing both the aesthetic and technical considerations of each project with the goal of helping students gain greater confidence and independence within a studio environment. Common 'open studio problems' like cracked handles, too-dry or too-wet work, care and handling of larger pieces, and glazing issues will be addressed and discussed.

Decorating techniques like tissue paper transfers, burnishing, shellac relief, and slip and underglaze application may be introduced according to the group's interests. Surface decorating materials will be provided during class hours but not during open studio time. Effective use of multiple glazes will be covered in the final class.

This class is open to all adults and teenagers. 

This course includes a 10kg bag of clay and 6 hours of open studio time. Use of the studio glazes is included. Students are expected to bring their own tools for use in both class and open studio. Cone 6 PSH or Tuckers red, white or speckled clay bodies will be available for class use.  If you require more than 10kg of clay, extra clay will be available for purchase.

Please note that the 6 hours of open studio time included with this class expires one week after the end of the session. 

We do not provide aprons so please bring one or dress in clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

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