About us

In business for over 10 years, LOAM has developed a fertile environment where potters come to learn, explore, create and collaborate. 

OUR MISSION is to create a space where potters at all stages of their practice can find a studio to continue growing and building their talent.


Thoughtful Making: Many of us come to love pottery for the positive impact it has on our wellness. We aim to honour the craft by enjoying the process, not just the outcomes.  We lean into the patience needed to refine our skills, upholding values of fine craftsmanship and artistry, and produce quality work.

Sustainability: It is increasingly apparent our actions are having a dramatic effect on the planet. We prioritise implementing practices that help reduce the environmental impact, focusing on quality over quantity.

Inclusive Community: It is through sharing our diverse experiences that we all grow and expand innovation.  We aim to preserve a positive and safe space where people with different perspectives, backgrounds and paths in life come together to share, support and encourage each other's creative pursuits.

Growth Mindset: LOAM hopes to support our local pottery lovers at every stage of the learning process. No matter what skill level or stage in their practice they are at when they join, they share a goal of continuing to improve and get better.


CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Students will find structured pottery classes and workshops in a warm and professional environment. We offer six-week wheel throwing and handbuilding classes that run both morning and evening, seven days a week, catering to all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. Private classes are also a popular option for  individuals wishing to refine a technique or gain a new skill.

We hold handbuilding workshops and date nights on the wheel for those wanting to get their hands dirty without the commitment of a six-week session. For potters with experience wishing to learn from the best in the field, we’re very pleased to host master classes several times a year with recognized ceramic artists.  

OPEN STUDIO MEMBERSHIP: LOAM offers open studio space for rent to individuals with enough experience to work independently. Our studio potters will find a creative space where they can experiment, create and share their love of pottery in a fully equipped ceramics studio. We welcome potters at all levels of ability and aim to facilitate individual creative growth. Some past members have gone on to become a valued part of our LOAM teaching team; other members have outgrown our facilities and have started ceramic businesses of their own. Although we’re glad to see studio members become skilled enough to start their own businesses, we unfortunately can’t accommodate a high volume of production. We host studio sales twice a year in order to provide opportunities for our open studio members to show and sell their work to the public.

POTTERY SUPPLIES & GALLERY SPACE: We sell a variety of pottery tools and equipment: specialized throwing and handbuilding tools, clay, stamps, stains, in-house LOAM underglazes and slips, Japanese tissue transfers, and post-firing decals. We also sell finished pottery in our gallery which is a source of inspiration for students, studio potters and visitors, and is stocked with functional and decorative ceramics and our latest custom restaurant designs.

DESIGN: Periodically, LOAM Clay Studio excels in providing small batch, custom design and production services for restaurants, small businesses and individuals. Our design team has an established reputation for innovation and craftsmanship, and we’re always keen to take on a challenge and deliver quality goods. Meeting the increasing demand for our design and production services is an exciting area of LOAM Clay Studio’s growth and development. Visit our online gallery to see what we’ve been working on..