Open Studio Membership

LOAM Clay Studio rents open studio time and space to potters should current capacity permit new members.

LOAM offers open studio space for rent to individuals with enough experience to work independently, we require new members to have completed 3 6 week courses at LOAM. This is to ensure that you have a great experience working in our space as our staff are busy keeping the studio running and are often not available to answer questions or provide guidance. We appreciate your understanding.

You should be able to monitor your own pots, centre your own clay, are able to trim your pieces so they are not too thick, and experience glazing.

Email or call 613 722-2529 to request membership

We currently have three types of open studio memberships, hourly, 1 shelf rental and 3 shelf rental(waitlist for current members only). 

For our hourly studio potters, you are able to purchase hours 1 at a time or in packages up to 50, the more hours you buy the less expensive your hours will be! It is also important to note:

  • Hours are non-transferable, non-refundable and expire after 1 year from the date of purchase. 
  • For those renting by the hour, please note that each hour that you book begins and ends on the hour. For example, if you arrive at 1:15 your hour will end at 2pm not 2:15. If you stay beyond the hour, another hour will be charged to your account. 
  • If your hours have been impacted by lock down, the expiry date will be extend for the time that we were closed, please request an adjustment by speaking with the Studio Manager or


1 hour = $20
3 hours = $54 ($18/hour)
5 hours = $85 ($17/hour)
10 hours = $160 ($16/hour)
25 hours = $375 ($15/hour)
50 hours = $700 ($14/hour)

Studio hours expire one year after the date of purchase. Please visit or phone the studio to purchase studio time. 613 722 2529 (clay)

For our 1 shelf potters, this allows for more flexibility in having your own designated space to keep your work and allows you unlimited hours per month! Some additional information: 

  • The monthly rent of $185 will be charged to your credit card on file within the first few days of the month.
  • We require first and last month rent be paid at the time of signing up as well as signing a contract which outlines all the terms of your rental. 
  • If you wish to cancel your shelf rental, we require you provide a minimum of 30 days of notice, your last month of rent will be applied to your final month. 
  • The monthly rent may be changed at the discretion of LOAM with a minimum of 30 days notice period by e-mail to potters. Pricing will be evaluated on an annual basis. 
  • Please only use the space provided, this means you cannot use the space above or under your spot.
  • If you are expecting your pieces to be coming out of the kiln that you leave space on your shelf for us to put your pieces. 
  • Please do not use the open studio shelves that are kept for our hourly potters. 
  • Shelf rental cannot be shared or transferred
  • If you are interested in a 1 shelf rental, please let us know and your name will be added to the waitlist, please note preference will be given to current hourly members and LOAM students. 

Members who choose to enrol in the new flat fee shelf membership will have existing hours credited towards their new flat monthly rate. 

Please note that we are a pottery studio that aims to nurture learning, creativity and improvement. We hope that all our potters strive to improve from whatever level they are at. We cannot accommodate production as we do not have the space or kiln capacity for this.