Open Studio Membership

Open Studio Membership

LOAM Clay Studio rents open studio time to potters, with some prior experience, for independent work.

Email or call 613 722-2529 to request membership

Hourly Packages

1 hour = $16
3 hours = $45 ($15/hour)
5 hours = $70 ($14/hour)
10 hours = $130 ($13.00/hour)
25 hours = $275 ($11/hour)
50 hours = $500 ($10/hour)

Studio hours expire one year after the date of purchase. Please visit or phone the studio to purchase studio time. 613 722 2529 (clay)


Monthly flat fee single Shelf rental: $165 + hst

  • Access to studio anytime during regular hours with limitations on available studio space.
  • Use of the studio & studio equipment.
  • A minimum of 3 month commitment is required for this option.
  • 1 dedicated 2'x3' shelf.
  • Greater flexibility: no need to track hours or show up on the hour. The flat monthly rate covers all your time in the studio. The studio cannot accommodate more than 8 people (due to pandemic) at a time so you will have to book ahead.
  • Bringing work home to finish and decorate is allowed, provided all your work (greenware & bisque & finished pieces) fits neatly on your 2' x 3' shelf. This is a great option for those who want to take their time to do sgraffito, underglazing, sculpture or any detail work on their pieces!
  • All clay must be purchased at LOAM Clay Studio. A wide selection of cone 6 clay bodies from Tucker’s Pottery Supply and PSH are available. The price of the clay includes the use of the glazes, bisque firing & glaze firing.
  • Shelves may not be shared.


Members who choose to enrol in the new flat fee shelf membership will have existing hours credited towards their new flat monthly rate. 

Please note that we are a pottery studio that aims to nurture learning, creativity and improvement. We hope that all our potters strive to improve from whatever level they are at. We cannot accommodate high volume production as we do not have the space or kiln capacity for this.



Safety Rules for all Open Studio Potters

1. Please stay home if you have any symptoms suggestive of a respiratory infection, if you have been in contact with anybody with these symptoms or if you have recently been travelling.

2. Wash your hands when you arrive and before you touch anything in the Studio.
Please use one of the utility sinks rather than the bathroom sink so you do not touch a door. Hand washing with soap and water remains one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of viruses. Please take this seriously. There are hand washing instructions at every sink. Be thorough.

3. Keep a physical distance of at least 2 meters.
You must keep at least 2 meters distance away from anybody else in the studio. We are limiting the number of people allowed in the studio to 12 studio potters and 1 staff member.

Please book ahead of time to ensure that there is space for you when you want to work.

4. Avoid touching your face
If you do touch your face please re-wash your hands.

5. Masks
The use of masks in the studio mandated by the government. You must wear a mask while in the studio.

6. Use your own tools
You should always be using your own tools in the studio. For safety reasons, we are
removing the common tools we used to provide. We do sell any tools you might
need. There are a few exceptions to this which include the glaze stir sticks, bat pins and banding wheels. If you use these please wash with soap and water after you use them.

7. Bring your own apron & towel if you need one.
We will no longer be providing towels or even lending aprons if you forget your own. Please bring your own. We are providing paper towels to dry your hands. 


What We’re Doing

LOAM Clay Studio staff is continuing to maintain a rigorous cleaning protocol. All common areas and surfaces that are touched are being cleaned and disinfected by studio staff multiple times a day. These include but are not limited to, door knobs, faucets, switches, toilet flush, water cooler, debit machine, touch screens, scales, lockers & workstations.

The LOAM Team