In-Store Only Pottery Supplies

Wheel and Wheel accessories

We can order wheels and accessories for you. Take advantage of our in-studio free delivery.  If you are not in a hurry we will order it for you when we place an order for the studio.  Your order will arrive at the studio and we will absorb the shipping charge.  All you'll have to do is come and pick it up. Call us today at 613-722-2529 to discuss pricing options!



Slips and underglazes 

The slips and underglazes are all made and tested at LOAM Clay Studio. The slips are made with the white clay body PSH519 cone 6 stoneware. The slips are suitable for use on cone 6 clay bodies with shrinkage rates of approximately 12% from plastic to fired. 

The underglazes are suitable for any clay with a firing ranges from cone 06 to 10. Our underglazes contain 33% pure stains. 


And more... 

If you are looking for a tool or accessory but can't find it on our website, give us a call at 613-722-2529 we'll find it for you!