Introduction to Screen Printing for Ceramics , February 23rd, 2020 from 2pm - 5pm

Explore and learn how to transfer complex imagery onto clay. Silk screens can be used almost indefinitely and can be useful in a variety of different art forms including fibre arts, mixed media and pottery applications. In this workshop you will learn some adaptations of the silk-screening process specifically for use in pottery.

The first part of this master class will focus on the process of creating custom silk screens. Anne will discuss the types of imagery adequate for silk-screening for pottery using underglazes. She will also demonstrate how to print onto paper using pre-made studio screens. Caring and storing the final prints before use will also be discussed.

 The second part of the master class will focus on the application of the silk-screened images onto pottery both at the leather hard and bisque stages.  You will learn and practice application techniques of the silk-screened images onto flat surfaces and more challenging curved surfaces. Anne will also go through the removal process of the images when the application fails to give good results.

 We will provide tiles for you to practice on. You may also bring in one of your own pieces of either leather hard or bisqued work to experiment with. In addition to the custom silk-screened images we will also explore the readymade high-quality manufactured Japanese tissue transfers which come in a wide range of beautiful motifs.

 About Anne Nicol
In addition to being an accomplished potter, Anne’s background as a designer, calligrapher and painter informs her sense of colour, texture, shape and form.  Always exploring new and challenging decorative techniques!

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