Sarah Fulford

I am delighted to own LOAM Clay Studio. It gives me enormous satisfaction to provide a space to nurture aspiring potters and support experienced potters. I never stop learning from my students and other ceramicists, how to be a better potter and teacher.

I trained as a production potter in France when I was a teenager. I then went on to study ceramic engineering at McMaster University and Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

Since graduating from university I have worked as an industrial designer and  industrial design teacher for 15 years in London, Seoul and Ottawa. As a freelance designer I have not only designed ceramic and glass products for industry but have also been part of teams designing a broad range of projects including medical equipment, consumer electronics and architecture. I like to combine my design skills with my experience with the craft of ceramics to design and manufacture my own products in clay.

I also own and manage Fogo Clay Studio.

The Team