Featured Artist - Michelle Campbell

We are excited to be using our gallery space to showcase talented artists in our LOAM community.

For the month of October 2023 we have invited Michelle Campbell.


Michelle has been making for five years. Since her first class, she has continued to challenge herself, adding in more complex design and form, learning new techniques, and teaching. A wheel and handbuilding teacher at LOAM for the past two years, she enjoys helping others expand their knowledge and skills, and is always looking for new and exciting projects!


My goal in pottery is to create functional porcelain and stoneware pieces, using wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques, that will be enjoyed daily. My work elevates everyday moments, adding a bit of simplistic design to your home through underglaze lines, splatter, and dots. Invite my creations into your life, from morning coffee to family dinners and thoughtful design in your living spaces.
Come by our gallery to see Michelle's beautifully work that would suit anyone's taste!