Glazy Days of Summer

Are you are suffering from glaze paralysis? Is there a disconnect between the surface you want to achieve and the results that come out of the kiln? Do you approach glazing almost as an afterthought? Does it seem impossible to pick from LOAM’s over 3000 glaze combinations?

By popular request, we have created a 3 hour intensive glaze class! Through expanding members’ existing ^6 glaze knowledge, the goal is to support members in their development of a personal glaze language.

You will learn what variables can impact glaze results, how to plan and test to get best results, and how to approach your creations with glazing in mind from the outset of making in order to minimize stress at the glazing stage.

During class you will practice new techniques in-the-moment instruction and with guidance. We invite you to bring your own ^6 pieces to practice.

This class is intended for current LOAM members or students at a Wheel 2 to Intermediate Level.

Please note that all glazing materials, slips, resists etc. will be provided. 

We do not provide aprons so please bring one or dress in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. You may also want to bring a towel for your hands.

The class duration is 3 hours, clean up is included in this time. 

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