Early Summer 2024 Intermediate Wheel (June-July)

This class is intended for students who have taken at least two Wheel 2 classes (or equivalent).  Skills prerequisite for Intermediate Wheel include: ability to confidently centre up to 3lbs of clay using the coning method, ability to consistently make intentional forms.  

Our Intermediate Wheel course focuses on specific skills development, including throwing 3+ lbs of clay; centring 6lbs in two parts; making larger and taller forms; and throwing with precision to make complex forms from multiple thrown parts.

Your instructor will gauge the group's ability and suggest appropriate projects. These could include  casseroles, closed forms,goblets, altered pitchers, hanging planters, large bowls, planters, jars, and more.

A variety of decorating techniques will be explored which may include sgraffito, burnishing, wax relief, slip trailing, and the effective use of multiple glazes. Each session varies from group to group. We are always open to student suggestions and requests for projects. Come ready to grow your throwing skills and give something new a try!

Please note that all materials and tools are included in the price.

Our classes are intended for adults and youth aged 15+. 

We do not provide aprons, please bring one or dress in clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

The class duration is 2.5 hours, clean up is included in this time. 

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